Work With Me

Lorri Awesome

I’m always looking for partners in crime! With a decade of experience in digital media, I was writing online before Facebook was even a thing.  Along with blogging, I have written how-to’s, editorials, white papers, grants, and have done my fair share of copywriting.  I’ve been the Restaurant Expert at (which is the 11th largest website in the United States- kind of a big deal) since 2007.  I have even helped write some actual in-the-flesh books (history textbooks I bet you’ve never read, but whatever, a book’s a book) for Mesa Verde Publishing.

I can write about anything (and make it sound interesting), but a few of my favorite passions are food, New England – particularly Maine, old farmhouses, decorating on a budget, working moms and restaurants (please note: I don’t do reviews).  If you are interested in working with me (Lorri) please email me at lorrijbrown (at) gmail (dot) com.