Will Cutting My Spending Make Me Lose Weight in 2016?


That’s what I’m wondering. Because I need to do both.  I’ve been studying my personal relationship with food and money for some time – and I know I have certain behavior patterns attached to both. If I‘m stressed I may opt to buy Chinese food – something that isn’t good for my waistline, my borderline high blood pressure, or my budget. Other times I may skip the food and go right for some retail therapy at Reny’s, spending money on things I don’t really need. Last year I kicked Diet Pepsi and ran a 15K. So, I feel pretty good about setting some new BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for 2016. This New Year’s Goal isn’t about losing weight, or even about saving money. It’s about changing my behavior and cultivating new healthy habits.

Money and Food 

This holiday season was the first time in nearly a decade I overspent and used a credit card to make purchases (which is what allowed me to overspend – duh, Lorri). While I didn’t spend that much, I am staring at an annoying little hill of debt that will take me the better part of six months to pay off.  It has been causing me a lot of stress because I feel like after all my previous financial failures, I’m better than this. I know I’m better. Why did I make such a poor choice? And this is the exact same feeling I have toward food.

I make poor food choices all the time- even though I know I shouldn’t. I may eat ‘good’ all day long, only to binge on chips and M&Ms at night. Instead of making breakfast at home, I’ll hit up McDonalds on the way to work. Who wants baked oatmeal when you can have a sausage egg McMuffin? So it shouldn’t be a surprise when I feel derailed and frustrated. Screw it! Might as well go shopping. I’m sure that no other American woman has ever felt this way, right?


I’m tired of trying to fill my spirit up from the outside – whether it’s with food or shopping.  I have so many good things all around me and have been given so. very. much. I want to consciously appreciate what I have, rather than searching frantically for my next emotional fix. I want authentic change that I can measure and be held accountable. One way to do this is by hanging my BHAG out for all to see.


The loose game plan for my huge emotional shift includes:

Stop buying stuff I don’t need. Instead, I’ll focus on taking better care of the things I already have including my house, my car, myself.

Decluttering everything. Three years at Boxshop and clutter has been slowly amassing in the nooks and crannies of our house and garage. Even the greenhouse is starting to fill up with things that have no purpose. Time to purge.














Increase vegetables in my diet. Rather than saying I‘m NOT going to have this or that, I’m opting for a more positive approach for 2016. I’m going to eat a more colorful and vibrant selections of vegetables. I’m committed to learning new recipes and cooking styles and have already had some great success with this goal. Vegetables also happen to be cheaper and healthier than meat, dairy, and take-out, which makes me think that curbing my spending in the food department will have a direct impact on my waistline (and blood pressure).












I‘m going to live squarely within my current means. Over the past year I have lost roughly half of my freelance income; The Internet is an unpredictable place to make a living, and I was hoping that things would turn around. However by October, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Rather than try to hustle more work from other clients or look for a higher paying day job, I’ve decided to try and scale back my lavish lifestyle – my freelance income provided a few extras for my family – but we won’t starve without it.  I have to admit, it was a BIG sigh of relief to commit to scaling back, rather than putting on my battle armor to go looking for money. I may not have as much fun money to play with, but at least I’ll sleep better at night.










New Year’s resolutions often get a bad rap, but I think it’s the perfect time to make some big changes. Do you have any BHAGS?

2 thoughts on “Will Cutting My Spending Make Me Lose Weight in 2016?

  1. Very good timing for a BHAG. I have been undeniably blessed in the last year – like, “hit the jack pot” lucky. And then over the last few months I took some unexpected blows…frankly they just felt unfair, and the timing sucked. I admit to indulging in a bit of a pity party and its hard to shut that party totally down sometimes! So my BF(fat)HG is: rather than keep telling myself to STOP dwelling on the losses, STOP feeling bitter or angry, I am going START accepting that this is just part of the deal. It’s okay to roll that way sometimes…but it’s time to start focusing more on the changed landscape this has presented me with. Some things are different now, some are better, some are even more amazing…aaaaand that is life. Runs the gammet. 😊

    1. I know that the older I get, the more I am able to roll with happens. I used to FREAK OUT about change or the unexpected – even good things could irritate me if it meant interrupting my schedule. I don’t know how I ever survived life with babies and toddlers – it’s just one big interruption. Now, I am significantly more chill about it. #almost40

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