What Are Your Good Habits?

The New Year is often a time to try and kick a bad habit, like smoking, over-eating, whatever… I thought it was the perfect time to take stock of all the good habits I already have.  They include:

  • Flossing- If you are looking to pick up a good habit, this is one of the easiest.
  • Regular exercise- This doesn’t have to be running miles on treadmill (which, ironically, is what I am currently doing) it can be a walk, gardening, something that gets you up and moving.
  • Family dinners at the table – The best part of my day, by far.
  • Not letting the junk mail pile up – I go through my mail every day- it’s an OCD thing.
  • Paying my bills on time – I do this most of the time, thanks to online auto debit.
  • Drinking a lot of water – My coworkers can attest to this – I am forever going to the ladies room.
  • Limiting caffeine – This is harder than regular exercise, but worth it, for me.

I’m sure there are other good habits I have, but it took me a while to think of the above list. Meanwhile I can rattle off a whole bunch of bad habits I’d like to break:

    • Too much wine with dinner – Calorie wise – not because I’m a lush.
    • Eating too much processed food – I love breakfast sausage. I have a problem.
    • Not sleeping enough – What parent gets eight hours of continuous sleep?

Why is it we are so ready to jump on everything we don’t feel we do well and rarely focus on the good things we are already doing? When I think about all the healthy habits I already do, it makes me feel 1) better about myself and 2) able to break out of bad habits.

For example, I am currently on a three week streak of no Diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi was my go to morning drink, rather than coffee or tea.  I only had one (or maybe two) cans a day – it wasn’t as if I was drinking gallons of the stuff.  But I knew it wasn’t good for me, I knew that I wasn’t setting a good example for my kids and I knew it was something I wanted to change. So when the last 24 pack ran out, I just didn’t buy any more. I still miss it, but so far I haven’t wanted it badly enough to buy one. Adding no diet soda to my mental list of good habits makes me pretty happy.

What are your good habits?

2 thoughts on “What Are Your Good Habits?

  1. We are too quick to judge our selves and magnify our own flaws. I am certainly among the crowd there. I could easily share a horrific list of improvements but will instead follow your good example!

    1) I love big and for the most part unconditionally (we all have our limits I think)
    2) I am an optimist through and through.
    3) I do not drink soda or eat much if any junk food. I work really hard to limit treats to occassional.
    3) I work out several times a week.

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