Thrift Store Find

I recently redid my living room – solo.  Working on a shoestring budget, I stripped wallpaper, primed, painted, and pulled up carpet – then came the fun stuff. The little details like decorations, rugs, curtains. One detail was this sunflower painting I picked up ages ago at a lawn sale or thrift store – I can’t remember which. It was a couple of bucks and I have been carrying it around from one rental to the next, ever since.













Since moving into Boxshop, the Painting has been sitting in the corner of my dining room, waiting patiently for a permanent home.  I decided that the colors – golden yellow, dark brown and sagey green on a pale gray-lavendar background –  would be perfect in the new living room. I skipped down to the thrift store found a new (old) framed print for $10 and viola!













My painting was a hair too big for the frame, so I trimmed it down a bit with an exact-o (box-cutter) knife.








The results were perfect.













Do you have any great thrift store finds?

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