Thai Lettuce Wraps and Other Reasons I Love Pinterest

I used to be a cookbook collector. I own cookbooks on baking, BBQ, Scottish cooking (bland), Southern cooking (not diet-friendly), brunch, Christmas, Summer, Autumn, cookies, church pot-lucks, and the list goes on and on.  I used to belong to The Good Cook book club and delighted in ordering a new book every month or so. A little treat for myself.  I used to refer to these books like old friends, curling up with a cup of tea and just reading or rereading favorite recipes.  However, lately I’ve noticed that I’m just not that into them. This makes me kind of sad, because we’ve spent so much time together in the past.

But thanks to an iPad and Pinterest, most of my recipe time is now spent online. I have 116 boards and over four thousand pins (4009 to be exact).  Excessive? Maybe. Helpful? Definitely. I have boards on everything from cooking to decorating to exercise. I have boards for things that make me laugh. Make me pause and think. Boards that motivate me. As someone who likes lists and pretty pictures, Pinterest is a one stop shop.

The past four or five new recipes I’ve made at home have been culled from Pinterest. My latest Pinterest find was from my board Take Out, a copycat recipe from, PF Changs Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  I renamed them Thai Lettuce Wraps because I think it sounds better, and this is my blog. I also used ground turkey instead of chicken and omitted the water chestnuts because I think water chestnuts are gross. Otherwise, the recipe is spot-on.










These were quick and easy to make, a hit with the boys and more or less on the clean/healthy side. Win Win Win all around!

Do you ever make recipes from Pinterest? 

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