How Far From Perfect Started

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my adventures in cooking, gardening and life in my 1902 Maine farmhouse.  By day I work in an office and for the past eight years I have freelanced on nights and weekends, writing for a lot of different companies and publications, including About.com, LiveStrong, History Magazine and bunch of others you probably have never heard of.  In 2013 I bought a charmingly rustic (AKA in need of paint) farmhouse on the outskirts of town.  It came with a greenhouse (which I have no idea how to use), a chicken coop (again…I know nothing about chickens except how to cook them) and a half acre of overgrown gardens.  The house itself is a mix of old and new with a lot of character – and by character I mean slanted floors, chipped woodwork,  and vintage wallpaper.  It was far from perfect.  Despite all of the work I knew it was going to require, the money it was going suck up that could be spent on cars, vacations, or the kids’ college fund, despite it all, I knew the minute I stepped into the yard, I was home. And this is my story of how I got here and what happens next.

Courtesy of Waylon Wolfe Photography
Courtesy of Waylon Wolfe Photography









About Me (Lorri)

When I’m not reading books on how to raise chickens or how to start a vegetable garden, you can find me in my kitchen.  Though I do love bacon, butter and cheese, I make a conscious effort to cook healthy(ish) meals for myself and my four kids.  I wish I could say I was an expert in clean eating, or paleo or gluten free, etc… and that my children gobble up everythingprofile pict. 2 I put on the table and ask for seconds, but again I am far from perfect (see a theme here?). Sometimes I cut a few corners to get dinner on the table.  Sometimes the food I make is an epic fail, sometimes it is really, really good.  The recipes on Far From Perfect are typically healthy(ish), tasty, and affordable. They may be my own concoction or adapted from a cookbook, Pinterest or other blogs. In the interest of transparency, I’ll always include the original source for any recipe.

More than anything I want this blog to reflect who I really am: a working mom, writer, lifelong learner;  avid fan of Little House on the Prairie books, coconut milk, and sunflowers.  I try and fail at stuff on a regular basis.  I also succeed on a regular basis.  I am really good at some things and have to work really hard at other things. I’m glad you found me and I hope you enjoy visiting Far From Perfect as much as I love writing about it!

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