New Year’s Goals Update – Breaking Bad Habits, Starting Good Ones

So, we are halfway through January and its a good time to asses my new year goals (not resolutions).  I registered for the Sugarloaf 15K (that’s about 10 miles, for those you not familiar with the metric system) coming up in May and have been very good about training.  I’m currently running on my treadmill, in my kitchen.  Which isn’t the best. But it’s getting the job done.  I’ve been running consistently for about three weeks now and have gone from a 12 minute mile to a 10 minute mile. So, I’m feeling pretty BADA$$ at the moment.

(c) Lorri Brown
(c) Lorri Brown

Another goal was to kick my Diet Pepsi habit. I did purchase a bottle of it at work a few days ago, after a particularly stressful event. I was dismayed to find I don’t really like the taste of it anymore. Since my main drink of choice is now black tea or ice water or ice water with lemon if I’m feeling sassy, the diet cola had a sicky sweet/ acidic taste. I know I should be happy, but part of me is crying a little inside. Truth.

Breakfast sausage. Like Diet Pepsi, this is another bad habit I really miss. Breakfast just seems so empty without it. I found a recipe on Pinterest for making your own sausage that I am going to try. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve been tracking my diet through Lose It, both an app and website, so I can punch in whatever I eat from my work desk or my phone or my iPad – leaving me zero excuse not to track everything I eat. I am doing this for a couple of different reasons:

1. To lose weight. What is the point of running a 15 K if you aren’t going to look stellar? Plus, I need to drop twenty pounds. Legitimately – not just because I am an American woman and that is our mantra.  My blood pressure is high and when I lose weight (and probably stop eating processed breakfast meat high in sodium) it goes back down. Go figure.

2. To track my nutritional information. Once I got rid of the aforementioned breakfast sausage the amount of daily calories I ate from fat dropped into the right range of 25- 30%. I am now trying to increase the amount of protein I get. You should get about 10 – 35 % of your daily calories from protein.  I am hovering around 22%, but would like to increase the amount of good protein in my diet. I’ve been eating more Greek yogurt, topped with a few walnuts, which is pretty good.

3. To get a handle on portions. My diet is pretty good overall, I just like to eat a lot of different stuff and it doesn’t take long to add up.  Forcing myself to portion food out for a few weeks puts me back on the strait and narrow.

Coming up in February, I want to add strength training and conditioning as part of my general work out routine. I’ve started this a bit already, but it’s too early to tell if it will stick. Fingers crossed.

How are your New Year goals going? 


Disclaimer – I have a BA in History- not nutrition. I grabbed all the above nutrition information from both Lose It! and Mayo Clinic. What works for me may or may not work for you. Check with your doctor first. 


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals Update – Breaking Bad Habits, Starting Good Ones

  1. I think that you have set some great goals, all obtainable. Adding nuts to your diet is a great way to add the additional protein that you are looking for. I find nuts a great snack food. I eat them for the protein content and an additional perk is that I am satisfied I don’t find myself to be hungry in 30minutes! Some will argue that the nuts are high in fat but I think it’s a heaIthy trade off for me.

    1. I love nuts! But I do have to be careful to watch the amount. I can easily eat a whole can of cashews in one sitting, if I’m not careful! Thanks for posting!

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