New Year New Goals

It’s that time of year – a clean slate, new beginnings.  I don’t have any specific resolutions – I learned a long time ago I’m not good at keeping them.  I do however, use the New Year as a time to get back on track in certain areas of my life, as well as think about what I want to accomplish in the coming year.  Last year I wanted to start my own blog, increase my freelance work and start a garden.  I purposefully chose low hanging fruit so that I could have success. I spent my twenties and my early thirties setting lofty goals and then never reaching them, because I was either unprepared, interrupted or lost interest.

For 2015 I am still rolling some new goals around in my mind – they include:

  • Raising chickens – I have a sick chicken coop that came with the Little Farm on the Hil have yet to break it in.
  • Clean eat 80% of the time.  I tried to 100% eat clean, back in August and it was good and fine until school started and life got busy. We’ve been at about 50-50 since September and I’d really like to ramp it up and clean up our diet.
  • To see my friends more often.  I have the best girl friends, some who live near and some far. I want to make it priority to see them more often.  I laugh the best when I am with them.
  • I want to lose weight and look like a Kate Middleton. Just kidding (well, kind of).  I would like to lose some weight, but not only to look like Duchess Kate (I know that it is going to happen, but humor me, please), but to lower my blood pressure and to have more energy.

Have you made any resolutions or new goals for 2015? 

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