Maine – There’s No Place Like Home

Happy New Year! (yes, I realize that it’s more than half way through January – I’ve been slacking).  I spent the past week at a work training in Tampa Florida. Before you ooohhh and ahhh and say “boy, it must be nice” let me just clarify that:

  1. It was like 50 degrees the whole time I was there. Maine was like 50 degree the whole month of December.
  2. There are NO BEACHES in Tampa. Not that it would have mattered, because I was there for work, which meant 8 hours a day in a windowless room looking at powerpoints. Yes, my job is that exciting at times.
  3. I am not big on travel. Not even to Florida in January. I would still rather be home in Maine.

I will say the people in Tampa were exceedingly nice and very friendly. That much reminded of me being home.

(c) Lorri Brown
(c) Lorri Brown

When I left, winter hadn’t really arrived yet in Franklin County. When I got back I was greeted by fresh snow, followed by another 8 inches of powder. I might have missed Florida a teensy tiny bit while snowblowing. But otherwise, there’s no place like home!


3 thoughts on “Maine – There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I have often been asked why i stay and live in Maine. It is very clear to me that Maine is a great place to “LIVE”. I love the outdoors, the mountains and the sea. I have a very in your face stressful job that i absolutely love. But when i am not on the job, I am out and about enjoying this place, usually just me, my Coonhound and camera… More often than not i can hit the woods and almost see no one… Peace and quiet and the most beautiful settings you will ever find. There is “No Place Like Home”.

  2. Yes, I was envious you went to Florida…I went to Clearwater Beach in April and it was 80 degrees and that’s the Florida I remember. Still I’m not a big fan of snow or shoveling…but then again, there is NO place like home. I love Maine for its own uniqueness and that I wouldn’t ever change.

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