Maine Road Trip: South Solon Meeting House

It may be the dead of winter in Maine, but thanks to warmer than average temps and little snow, I am already thinking about Spring and Summer adventures. I’m not much for winter travels, but I do love a good road trip in warmer weather.  A fun road trip we went on at the end of last summer involved a detour to check out the South Solon Meeting House. I had never heard of this place, despite having grown up not far from it.

Just a few minutes outside of Skowhegan, the South Solon Meeting House looks like a really pretty, well-preserved church, located at a dirt road intersection.


South Solon Meeting House

See, nothing remarkable at first glance. You’ve seen one church, you’ve seen them all.

Inside the meeting house is a totally different story. It’s filled from floor to ceiling with biblical murals (or more technically, Frescoes) done in the 1950s by students from the  Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Did you know there was a prestigious art school in Skowhegan? Neither did I.

Inside the South Solon Meeting House

Along with the murals, the original pews (at least I assume they are original) are still in place, complete with little latched doors and individual numbers. Why doors? To keep the children (or maybe the adults) from running away during a sermon? And why numbers? Were families assigned a certain pew each week? That’s a story for another blog post.



I was impressed by the integrity of the artwork and the building itself. There were no cracks or water stains inside. Despite the fact that building isn’t used a lot, it is obviously well cared for.

View from the balcony windows
Beautiful organ in the balcony
Detail of the interior fresco
Interior view from the balcony

So, if you find yourself looking for a short day trip, the South Solon Meeting House is neat (and free) place to check out. You can swing into Gifford’s Ice Cream after your visit, or scoot down to Old Mill Pub for a beer and burger on the Rotary in Skowhegan.

More information about the South Solon Meeting House


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3 thoughts on “Maine Road Trip: South Solon Meeting House

  1. How cool is that?! I never knew about the inside of the church. I did know about the School of art. I believe sculptor Bernard Langlais was part of that school. Great article..I’m getting the spring itch too! I’m ready for a road trip!

  2. Looks like a destination on my list. I am intrigued by the doors, i have seen that somewhere else. I think in Canada.. But it escapes me now. I remember that the doors and numbers were assigned families. Thanks for this blog.. Now you have me hooked.

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