Maine Blueberries and Other Perks of Life in the Pine Tree State

I have a love-hate relationship with my home state. Currently, with temps hovering around 1 degree and mountains of snow to contend with, I am not in love with Maine. Come springtime, my affections will grow once more. That’s the way it is for many Mainers.  This time of year, we all sit around looking at each other asking “Why do we live here, again?”

I was reminded of why I love Maine when I was making breakfast muffins over the weekend.  At the end of the summer I placed an order for a ten pound box of Maine blueberries, grown by G.M Allen in Orland, Maine – about a three hour drive from where I live. A local woman who works for the town takes orders and arranges for a bulk delivery.  It is perk of both living in Maine and living in a small town. You pick up your blueberries at the Water Department.

2014-11-25 10.01.25
(c) Lorri Brown










These are genuine, little blueberries that grow on the ground and have to be “raked” rather than picked.  I think they taste loads better than the large, high bush blueberries that you buy in the grocery store.

2014-11-25 10.06.49
(c) Lorri Brown










I’m down to the last of the blueberries – probably enough for one more pie or a couple batches of muffins.  They are a good reminder in the middle of winter of why I live here.












Have you ever tried Maine blueberries? 

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