Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Pioneer Girl

About a year ago, the South Dakota Historical Society debuted a brand new annotated autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, based on her original manuscript for the Little House books. Pioneer Girl is full of all the behind-the-scenes stories of how Wilder, with the help of her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane (also a writer), became a publishing sensation in the 1930’s.














I received a copy of the book for my birthday and it has not disappointed. As a huge LIW fan, I am fascinated by all the details that Pamela Hill has put together. Many of the stories I already knew – like Laura’s little brother who died in infancy or the Ingalls family’s travels through Burr Oak, Iowa. But there is a lot of new information, especially around LIW writing style and the move from memoir writing to juvenile fiction. This is a MUST for anyone who loves the Little House books!












Do you have a favorite Little House book?

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