Laura Ingalls Wilder Annotated Bibliography Available in November

Oh Happy Day! I just found out that there is a new Laura Ingalls Wilder bio coming out on November 20! I am the biggest LIW fan, evah!  The Little House on the Prairie books helped me jump from struggling reader in elementary school to voracious consumer of all things history related- a habit that continues to this day.  I routinely read the whole Little House series about once a year. I own no less than 10 different supplements to the series, including Pioneer Girl, West From Home and this gem strait from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society:


DSC00365 (2)
(c) Lorri Brown










The Laura Ingalls Wilder Annotated Autobiography will be released on November 20th. You can also read more about the whole project at The Pioneer Girl Project– my new favorite website!




Image from Amazon 












I actually made my grandparents detour through De Smet South Dakota on their way to see family in Iowa, and visit the Ingalls Homestead.  I didn’t even care if they brought me anything back, I just wanted know someone who had actually gone there – sort of like Five Degrees of Separation – but way better than with Kevin Bacon.   Being awesome grandparents, they made the detour and along with the book, brought me back this stuff, too:



DSC00363 (2)
(c) Lorri Brown



DSC00362 (2)
(c) Lorri Brown
DSC00364 (2)
(c) Lorri Brown





























Anyway, I figured it was best to get my obsession with all things LIW related out of the way early.  Now you know!



Have you read the Little House on the Prairie books?

5 thoughts on “Laura Ingalls Wilder Annotated Bibliography Available in November

    1. We should! I am a mom of four also – although they are half-grown now. And I love your blog, Melissa! It brings me back to having babies and little kids running about. Thanks for posting!

    1. LUCKY!!! If I don’t get it for Christmas (there has been some not-so-subtle hinting on my end to my loved ones) I’m going to order it!

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