How to Upcycle a Dresser into a TV Stand for (almost) Free

As part of my living room redo, I wanted a larger TV stand. I’d seen the dresser-converted-to-entertainment-center all over Pinterest and decided that’s what I wanted.   So, when a friend of a friend was cleaning out their garage, I scored this dated laminate dresser that would make the perfect TV stand.

















The outdated dresser has been sitting in my garage for two years, waiting to be upcycled into something better. Originally, I was going to turn my dresser into an open entertainment center, like theses popular Pins, (my favorite is from At the Parks)













However, once I had removed all the hardware and other dodads from my dresser, I decided to leave it as is, adding just a fresh coat of paint. This is saved me from having to borrow a saw from The Better Half and it saved on measuring, cutting, and other likely mistakes. I also wouldn’t have to buy anything besides new hardware – those wicker baskets can get expensive!















Painting was easy-peasy.

  1. I primed the dresser with a latex wall primer, leftover from my living room redo.
  2. I then gave everything two coats of semi-gloss white latex paint, also a left over.
  3. I Let it sit and dry for a few hours.
  4. I then Sprayed Modge-Podge clear sealant, which I pilfered from my daughter’s art supplies.
  5. I let the dresser sit on my porch for a few days to ‘cure’. If you don’t want to wait a few days, 24 hours will probably suffice. I just didn’t get around to moving inside until the following weekend.
  6. I added the new hardware, bought from Wal-Mart.













I actually like the look of my upcycled dresser better. Our DVDs and video games fit perfectly.  I also stuck our VCR (used to watch The Shining at Christmas) in one of the drawers, rather than having it sit out all year long. Bonus, having everything tucked away into drawers instantly decluttered our living room.

Yes, that is Pride and Prejudice on my TV #colinfirthforevah













Since I already had white primer and spray sealant, this DIY project was definitely budget-friendly.


Upcycled Dresser Cost Breakdown

Original dresser – free

Primer – free

Paint – $14

Sealant – Free

New hardware – $20

Total Cost: $32

Because I used a latex based primer and paint, instead of oil-based, the dresser is more prone to scratches and scuffs. That’s fine with me. All it takes are a couple of dabs of white paint to touch it up if needed. I wasn’t trying to create an heirloom piece of furniture. I wanted a TV stand that was functional AND attractive, and within my shoestring budget. It’s Far From Perfect, but perfect for me!












Do you ever upcycle furniture into something new?

All Images Copyright of Lorri Brown 2015. May not be reproduced without permission. 



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