How to Decorate a Window Seat on Budget

One of the biggest selling points for Boxshop was the window seat in the sitting room.  It adds a sense of coziness to the room.  Situated next to the wood stove, its an ideal place to hang out on cold winter days. As part of my sitting room redo I made a new custom cushion, which is not only comfortable, but also much-needed insulation against farmhouse drafts. I added some colorful throw pillows and finished with new curtains.

I started by painting the window trim and the ceiling, to match the rest of the sitting room.


I cut two large foam pieces to fit the trapezoid shape of the window seat and glued them together with Gorilla glue.  Tip: use a bread knife to cut the foam.


Next, I cut the fabric to fit the cushion, leaving enough to generously wrap all the sides.  Using spray adhesive on the cushion, I then wrapped it in the fabric and let it dry for an hour.











I hung some inexpensive sheer drapes from Wal-Mart. They were $8 for the pair. The swirls in the drapes match the swirls in the window seat fabric.

Window Shears 2 Window Shears



To finish off the look I purchased several throw pillows from Wal-Mart.

Throw Pillows


The plain brown pillows were $9 for the pair.

The yellow were $14 for the pair.

The Brown chenille cost $14 for the pair.

The floral pillows were my big splurge – $28 for the pair.


The total cost for my Window Seat included:

Foam cushion $12
Fabric (four yards) $10
Spray Adhesive $3
Gorilla Glue $4
Trim and Ceiling Paint – Free from other projects
Curtains – $8
Throw Pillows $65 (so worth it)

Total Cost: $102

If I had opted out of the throw pillows, the total cost would have been $37 – so not too bad, considering the huge impact it makes on the room.
Do you have a window seat?

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