How I Saved Over $4000 on My Living Room MakeOver

If you are reading this, you probably know me personally (most likely you’re related to me…let’s face it –  you’re probably my mom or my Aunt Staci) and you know that there is no way on God’s Green Earth that I would ever spend $4000 on anything besides a house or, maybe a car.  So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I wasn’t willing to cough up the estimated $4600 on new living room furniture. I wanted a whole new set, preferably in leather, because I have boys (and let’s be honest, I spill tea on everything).

After shopping in vain for a quality budget living room set, I decided to try a different route. A slipcover.  I had tried slipcovers in the past with no luck. I might as well have blindly thrown an old sheet on my couch and walked away. The result was wrinkled, sloppy and cheap looking.  But I was feeling pretty desperate because my couch and chair in its current state looked like this:












Bought in 2002, they were still in good form; just horribly, horribly disfigured from years of kids jumping, sleeping, spilling, peeing, pooping, vomiting on them (thank God for upholstery cleaners).  So, I bought a $30 Better Homes and Garden slipcover from Wal-Mart.









I couldn’t believe the difference the slipcover made. It wasn’t loose or wrinkly – it didn’t look like my knees in a pair of nylons. The kids actually asked if I had bought a new couch.

“I don’t know, have I?


Upcycling my old couch saved me $2000 for a new sofa. Shortly after I found this gorgeous thing for sale from a coworker:












I have always wanted an oversized chair and happily paid $50 for it. Unfortunately, the blue and yellow stripes didn’t match my new living room.  I had to do some serious hunting to find a slipcover for it, since it is three pieces.  I ended up purchasing a SureFit cover through Target for $129.  Surefit isn’t lying when they say “xxx.” These slipcovers are worth every penny. No one is not paying me to say this. That’s how much I love their product.  The only issue I had was that the back cushion cover doesn’t fit quite perfectly, but I just added a colorful throw blanket and no one’200, I have a gorgeous Ethan Allen Chair 1/2  that costs $1800 new.


Up next was original living room arm chair that came with my couch. Just like the couch, this chair had maintained its shape wonderfully. It was just tired and worn.  Instead of paying $500 for a new chair, I spent $110 for another Surefit slipcover in the same shade of taupe. Take a look:













Bonus Points: 12 hours after putting this slipcover on my cat, Daisy, puked on it. But it cleaned up fine.

So, the total cost to buy a new sofa, arm chair and oversized chair was around $4600. I spent a total of $270, saving $4330.  Not too shabby. I felt good that I was able to upcycle  what I already had into something new.

Do you upcycle your furniture? 



One thought on “How I Saved Over $4000 on My Living Room MakeOver

  1. You inspire me to upcycle my crappy LEATHER couches that look terrible because the dogs claimed them. They’re all cracked and the grime is in the grain. I can’t clean them no matter what I use…and you’ll be extra glad you didn’t buy leather. It’s cold to sit on even in the summer, and it’s slippery…I just wonder if I can find a slip cover for mine…will have to investigate. Great job and once my fireplace is in…the furniture will be next! Love Aunt Staci <3

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