How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here is just one of the many roses that have been blooming on Boxshop. I had a huge overgrown hedge that was somewhat lethal.  This spring I attacked it with my new garden shears and cut out all the old wood. The results are promising.  Lots of leafy green foliage and bright pink blossoms.  I’ve been tossing coffee grounds and banana peels onto the soil at the base of the roses, to add nutrients.  Thank you Pinterest!


Beach roses in Maine
Beach roses in Maine








At Boxshop, we are excellent about throwing all our compostable items into the compost pile – vegetable peelings, fruit pits, shells, even dryer lint. We are not great about turning said compost pile in a timely fashion.  At this rate, I might have decent garden compost by the fall. *sigh*


Do you have any favorite gardening tricks? 

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