Have You Ever Tried Spatchcock Chicken?

I had never heard the term Spatchcock until recently- it means to split open and grill poultry- kind of like butterflying it. Over the weekend tried this cooking technique, which is suppossed to reduce cooking time.  We opted to roast the spatchcock chicken in the oven, rather than deal with the grill in the cold weather.  The chicken did indeed cook much faster than roasting it whole, taking about 45 – 50 minutes instead of an hour and half or more.

To spatchcock a chicken you cut out the backbone and flatten the breast bone until it looks like this:

(c) Lorri Brown
(c) Lorri Brown












I will definitely try this technique again, on the grill next time.  It was easy and made cooking a whole chicken so much faster.  I have yet to find a proper definition or back story for this term and how it evolved. Which is really bugging me, because I thoroughly enjoy food trivia. If anyone has any information about spatchcock, please let me know!


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