Did You Survive Thanksgiving?

This year has been a good reminder of how to remain calm when your best-laid plans go to sh!t. Case in point- Thanksgiving.  I always host dinner on Thanksgiving and have anywhere between 8-14 guests. This year, the number had crept up to 20 people. Plus my Mom was flying in from the west coast. All good things. So, I started planning for Turkey Day back in September. I wrote detailed lists of groceries and other supplies I would need to pick up – extra chairs, napkins, plates, etc… I spent October finishing up my living room and sitting room redos. I planned a welcome basket for my mom – complete with family photos. I didn’t realize it, but I was chasing the elusive Perfect Holiday- something I thought I’d given up years ago.

Did You Survive TG

By Sunday morning, I had most everything I needed to do, nearly finished.  Turkeys (two of them) were thawing in the fridge. Groceries were all bought and organized. College Daughter’s room was picked up and ready to double as a guest room.  I had finished all the last minute details of my living room redo – everything was perfect. I noticed that I was feeling just…off. I had a tickle in my throat and I just felt sluggish.  By Monday afternoon, I knew that I was getting sick. I started doping on Emergence-C and drinking liquids by the gallons. I made garlicky tomato salsa for additional antioxidant properties and ate spoonfuls of honey to combat an increasingly sore throat. But it was all in vain. By Wednesday, I felt like the walking dead. After a few must-do tasks in the morning, I spent the better part of the day in bed.

Thanksgiving came and went and I managed to play the gracious (sort of) hostess, but there was no feasting on my part or wine – NO WINE. I just sipped my honey infused decaf earl gray and nibbled on a yeast roll. The whole thing was just tragic.  I think everyone else had a good time and I enjoyed seeing my family, but I couldn’t help but think that God and his wicked sense of humor was playing a trick on me – all my careful planning more or less thrown out the window.

A few years ago this would have bummed me out, immensely.  Not so much this year. It was a good reminder that while the holidays are meant to be about family and joy and togetherness – they do not have to be perfect.

Did you survive your Thanksgiving? 

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