Christmas Spirit

I have to admit this year my Christmas spirit is a little…lackluster.  A mix of missing family and a tighter than normal budget (and that’s pretty tight in a good year) have made Christmas feel more like a chore than a holiday.   However, after putting up our little Charlie Brown tree (a by-product of our tighter budget) and our Christmas village I felt a little better.



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Are you excited for Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. I wouldn’t say I am excited, but rather enjoying each day of the season that comes and goes. I have found that through letting go of buying the perfect gift and getting everything done…I have let go of the pressure and stress that comes with it. I feel far less stressed this year and thus am enjoying it more. It’s all in the little things. I absolutely love your Christmas Village. Reminds me of my Grandmother’s house a long time a go. She collected them.

    1. Thanks Natashia! Every year I say I am not going to stress about buying gifts, etc…And each year it is a struggle – I feel guilty I am not buying “big” gifts for my kids, etc…but each year the guilt wanes a little, so that’s progress!

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