Almost Friday – Winter Thoughts

Some weeks it seems that Friday is never going to arrive. This is one of them. I think my general impatience stems from the cold, cold, cold weather that the we’ve been experiencing. Compared to last winter, this one has been pretty much a cakewalk, but the bitter cold of minus zero temperatures gets old pretty fast.

My favorite spot these days is sitting in my beat up chair in front of my fireplace.  Nothing warms a room the way a wood fire does. I am especially grateful that I still have so much firewood left. One of the many perks of having three sons is that I didn’t have to stack any of it!

(c) Lorri Brown
(c) Lorri Brown










Summer seems a long way off, but I soon I’l need to start thinking about my gardens (I use that term loosely- they’re more like patches of plants among grass and weeds)/  And I am determined to use my greenhouse as something other than storage this year.  I’m definitely looking forward to some springtime adventures here on the Little House on the Hill.


How is your winter going?


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